Mission Statement: “Do what’s right and inspire others to do the same.”

Located in Omaha Nebraska, Real World HVAC serves the HVAC industry from the heartland of America. We are a provider of intermediate and advanced-level technical training for HVAC professionals.


Our Value Propostion:

By living our mission statement, we help all of our HVAC and Utility partners create a business environment where everybody wins. And that’s the very best value proposition available today!

  • For the contractor: Greater technical skills deliver higher profit margins and increased business because of fewer call-backs, improved customer satisfaction and more referrals to grow your business.
  • For the end-use HVAC customer: Contractors with improved technical skills have fewer customer complaints, deliver greater equipment efficiency and life expectancy. That means lower energy costs, healthier conditioned environments and improved comfort levels.
  • For the Distributor & Equipment Manufacturer: Greater contractor technical competency means reduced warranty claims, less technical support and an increased willingness to promote higher efficiency equipment.
  • For the Utility: Contractors with greater technical competencies greatly improve the likelihood that DSM and energy efficiency goals and objectives will be achieved. Customer satisfaction levels for your energy customers also improve as it becomes more obvious that helping them save energy and control their energy costs really is something that you are passionate about.

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As a service technician, I’m surprised how much easier it is now to evaluate air distribution problems now that I know the duct design process. Thanks for making it easy to understand.

Tony W.

Sioux Falls, SD

I’m glad I attended the HVAC Building Science program. I was surprised to learn that that many customer concerns about the heating system can be caused by home structural problems. This will change the way I troubleshoot HVAC complaints in the future.


Dan T.

Omaha, NE

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