Capacity & Performance Testing

Capacity and performance testing verifies the HVAC system is operating correctly and efficiently.  Testing should include three important processes.

  • Quality in Design:  HVAC performance depends on proper design.  Today’s residential design standards provide an excellent roadmap to achieving rated system performance.
  • Quality During Installation:  With HVAC systems, we have one chance to get it right.  Shortcuts and mistakes during installation and start-up impact equipment capacity, efficiency and life expectancy.
  • Quality of Service:  Ongoing maintenance protects the HVAC equipment and the customers investment.  Residential customers are not getting that message.  We can help you deliver that message more effectively.

HVAC system installations need to follow industry and ANSI design and installation standards.

  • Capacity, efficiency and overall job quality can not be determined unless systems are tested.
  • Properly sized and matched equipment, attention to detail during installation and start-up, followed by capacity and performance testing are all required ingredients for success.
  • Routine predictive maintenance that includes ongoing capacity and performance testing ensures long term positive results.

This mind-set is more than philosophy; it’s the core operating principle for HVAC professionals.


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