Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning performance is dependent on proper sizing, accurate equipment selection, and quality installation.

This program examines the process required to deliver comfort and efficiency.

  • Installation quality, purity and chemistry are essential during the fabrication of the refrigerant circuit. Each is scrutinized in detail, as are the consequences of short cuts and mistakes.
  • The air conditioning installation and start-up process must occur in the proper sequence. Each step is defined and explored.
  • Design air flow must be verified and then measured for accuracy before the refrigerant charge can be confirmed. The process for verifying air flow and refrigerant charge correctly is examined.
  • Inaccurate and/or inadequate refrigerant and air-side test instrumentation compromise the measurement & verification (M&V) process. Instrument options are evaluated to enhance M&V accuracy and quality.
  • The program concludes with an analysis of the testing process required to verify and document capacity and performance for the air conditioning equipment and system.