Heat Pump Systems

A basic understanding of the content within our Air Conditioning Systems program is recommended as a prerequisite to this program.

  • Application options differ substantially between air source heat, hybrid, closed loop geo, open loop geo and inverter-driven heat pumps. Each of these systems are reviewed and contrasted.
  • Expanded performance data is a tremendous resource in selecting the proper equipment, performance testing, and diagnostics. Expanded data is showcased and examples illustrate how it can be applied in day-to-day use.
  • System design, thermal and economic heat pump balance points are explained.
  • Heat pump defrost options are compared to demonstrate function, differences in operating efficiency, comfort and energy consumption.
  • The proper operation of reversing valves, accumulators and refrigerant metering devices that are unique to heat pumps are examined in detail.
  • Refrigerant flow for both cooling and heating mode is contrasted to simplify flow diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • The program concludes with a review of the testing required for each heat pump category, to verify capacity and performance of the heat pump and HVAC system.